Tuesday, September 15, 2009

April Sessa ("Loving Life")

For some time now I've wanted to create a photographic product for women in their 40's and up. To me this is the beginning of one of the most significant time periods in a woman's life. Many have been married for decades, have grown or teenage children, and have careers in or out of the home that has consumed most of their personal time.

Not to be taken for granted, it's at this age when a woman needs to give a little attention to herself. Through unique and fun images of her, created outside of her normal persona, I wanted to remind women of this age how beautiful and elegant they are both inside and outside. I call this type session "Loving Life".

Meet April Sessa, wife of Dan Sessa, and mother of one of my recent wedding grooms (see my blog titled "Deja's and Jordan's Wedding").
I could speak volumes about the wonderful time April experienced, but see for yourself what developed from her "Loving Life" session. I'm certain April would encourage any woman to treat herself to this type photographic session if nothing more than just to have some fun.

"Loving Life" is as easy as
in a field of tall grass.
A nice flowing dress makes a
great outfit for this type session.
Who says you can't look fit
and beautiful all in one body?

I love this soft, delicate portrait
study of April...bare feet and all.

It was a pleasure showing off April's elegant side.
A woman's gotta kick up her heels every now and then.
April is from Texas and has the
convincing looks to prove it.
April is so full of life she NEVER stops smiling!
To see how this "Loving Life" session was created, click here: April

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