Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jennifer + Rusty's Love Story

This Love Story session posting is rather special to me in that I have enjoyed a unique relationship with Jennifer Evans from the first day I met her and over the subsequent years that I have seen her at least 3-4 times per week.  Jennifer supervises the community center where I spend lots of time in the fitness center.  

I don't know.  We just hit it off from day one and I've kinda kept up with her life and she has done the same with mine.  In fact, Jennifer was the first model I photographed when I relocated to Georgia.  I can remember jokingly telling her once:  "I'm gonna do your wedding" at which she replied, 'There's nobody special right now, but when I find him you'll be my photographer'.

Well, three years later her shining knight in armor, Rusty Washington, arrived on the scene with his two adorable kids and an engagement ring.  (I guess I'm photographing a wedding!) Congratulations Jennifer and Rusty, and I can't think of another Christian couple who's future hasn't already been minted in heaven.  You guys look like the perfect family and I'm well aware of the special love between you.  See you at the altar!


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