Thursday, October 30, 2008

Krystal Cordo

Welcome to the newest member of the Portrait Corner Studio staff...Krystal Cordo. (Krystal has signed on to become the make-up specialist for clients having images created in the studio). Several blogs back I introduced you to Krystal when I showed you a few images of her that I took during the Aniquia Gay maternity session. Although she came along as Aniquia's make-up artist, I sensed that she really has what it takes to be a good model, too. So, I put her to the task during one of my Pro At Work training session. Check out this short video clip and you'll see what I mean.

Inspirational Thoughts #3

Our role is to worship Christ and enjoy getting to know him better day by day. Along the way, we get to introduce others to the one who has changed our lives.

Kent Keller & Katherine Cloyd

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Aniquia & John

There are some couples whose wedding I photograph that I look forward to the day when they become parents. Aniquia and John Gay are one of those clients. I can remember Aniquia telling me that when she became pregnant she was going to make sure that I photographed her maternity session.

Generally, I photograph maternity sessions in the 8th month, but in Aniquia's anticipation, she emailed me in her 6th month to tell me she was ready. So, there has been a waiting period for her, but it was worth the wait. I document a lot of maternity sessions, but this one with her and John was both emotional and tons of fun. Emotional because I could see what proud parents-to-be Aniquia and John have become and fun because it was a photographic production that involved a cast of players that not only included Aniquia and John, but also my daughter Dana and Krystal Cordo (Aniquia's make-up artist). In past blogs I've shown you a few images I created of Krystal during one of Aniquia's clothing changes.

Congratulations, Aniquia and John! I'm looking forward to John Jr.'s first portrait session.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Inspirational Thoughts #2

Anxiety is an expensive habit. Worry has never brightened a day, solved a problem, or cured a disease.

Max Lucado

Friday, October 24, 2008

From Make-up Artist to Model

One of the wonderful experiences I often have as a professional photographer is discovering someone who might be a great model in front of the camera. A lot of time it is not what the person is doing that draws my attention to them, rather what type images I envision I might be able to create.

During a recent maternity session Krystal Cordo came along as the make-up artist. Aside from her impeccable makeup skills I was captivated by her hair style. So, during my client's wardrobe change I coaxed Krystal into standing in front of the camera while I created a few images of her. Instantly, I knew she was model material. Check out the "quickie" images I took of her, and "yes" you can expect to see future images of Krystal in another blog.

Krystal Cordo
Make-up Artist/Consultant

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Love

To meet Kawana and John is to meet what I call "Happy Love". Not only are they in love, but the joy of their relationship spills over into a kind of happiness that is very refreshing. This couple has stolen my heart and it was a pleasure to photograph them and capture what will be a prelude to a super wedding date. Look for their upcoming wedding images in a few weeks.
I consider this one of my favorite images.
I can only image how cute Kawana and John's future
kids are going to look like. You're a gorgeous couple.
Show me the money!Kawana has left her mark on John in many ways.
Mugging on the beach courtesy Kawana.

40 Years Celebration

On Friday, July 18th my wife (Eddie Mae) and I celebrated 40 years in our relationship as husband and wife. (Yeah, I know I've kept this secret from my readership for a few months now). What an event it was for her because I secretly planned a surprise vow renewal and private reception for us at the Holiday Inn on Sheridan Street and I-95. The guest list included our pastor as officiant, family members, work friends, and acquaintances.

The significance of the event was special to us because we initially got married on our lunch breaks while I was serving in the U.S. Air Force and stationed in Little Rock, Arkansas. At that original ceremony there were only five of us in attendance at the base chapel and not one photograph was taken during that special day. Often when I’m consulting with prospective brides I inform them that their wedding portraits are NOT for them. Their photographs are for their children and family and will become future keepsake memories. I truly wanted to have similar memories preserved for my children and family. After all, it is about family.

To wrap this up, I’m not certain about anyone else, but I had a great time and look forward to our 50th Anniversary! Woo-hoo!!

Accompanying this blog are all the page layouts from our album. It was unique selecting the images that I liked and then designing the pages for myself and Eddie Mae.

Family, friends, and work acquaintances.Willie and his girls. Everyone putting on their best dance moves.

Officiant: Mark Haumschilt (

Wedding Coordinator: Dana Hill (aka Wedding Coordinator-zilla!)

Photographer: Fred Brinson (

Cake: Maria (

Florist: Debbie Malaga (

Hotel: Holiday Inn Ft. Lauderdale Airport (

A special thanks goes out to all our family and friends who help make the night a wonderful event that Eddie Mae and I will treasure forever. Finally, although I forgot to extend my gratitude and appreciate during the toast, I want to thank Dana for all the hard work she spent planning EVERYTHING for the occasion. (Can’t wait to see my credit card bill). And, a big “thank you” goes to Fred for the awesome framed canvas portrait that you gave us as a gift the following day. It’s the BEST portrait we’ve ever had created, and now I can say: “I have a “Brinson””.