Monday, August 25, 2008

Josefina Harvin's Thank You Letter

Dear Willie:

This letter is to thank you for being such a professional and kind photographer, putting me at ease on a very auspicious day; the celebration of my mother Ena (Mimi) Bernard's 100th birthday. Your daughter Dana was also very gracious and quiet; following your directions with a smile.

I thank you also for contacting the television stations reference them covering my mother's celebration. I am thrilled that they came, interviewed my mother, and aired the event.

In the future, if I should need a photographer, you can rest assured, that I will call on you. Again, thank you very much.

Josefina Harvin

Friday, August 22, 2008

FPP Convention Bound

Well, it's that time again when Dana and I will be traveling to Orlando for the annual Florida Professional Photographers Convention from August 23-27th. This is a major event for us as professional photographers because we will enter a select number of our client images in hopes of receiving merits and awards. Our work will be measured against the creative skills of hundreds of professional photographers throughout the entire state. To get a glimpse of how amazing some of this work is visit this link:

This will be my third year entering competition and Dana's first. I've included below the images that Dana and I will be entering along with the names of those clients whose work we have selected. So, to make a long story short. Wish us luck and we'll let you know how well we did this time around.

"Kristin & Frederick Schlichte's" Wedding Album
"Fallen Patriot"
"Freedom Fighter" (Hank Hankerson)
Final Thoughts (Ron Jordan)
Butterfly Effect
"Old Super Bowl Champ" (Tyrone McCloud)
"Soul Sister" (Natasha Barr)
"Daydreaming" (LaRae Laws)
"Savanna" (Savanna Stapleton)
"Try Not To Forget Me" (Lucille "Abba" G. Lee)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday - LaRae Laws

Happy Birthday, LaRae Laws!
We love U.

From: Portrait Corner Studio (Willie & Dana)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Best of Show"

This month was the final print competition for photographers who are members of the Professional Photographers Guild of Florida. This final competition was between our guild and our sister guild in Palm Beach. It's an annual print competition to compete for bragging rights in South Florida. Last year PPGF took home the gold, but not so this year as PPGPB (Professional Photographers Guild of Palm Beach) won hands down. The competition also helps to determine in December who are the "Top Ten Photographers" within our guild.

Each entrant is allowed to enter four images or albums with the hopes of scoring 80 or higher. Overall I personally did not do as well as I hoped, but once again one of my wedding albums took first place in that category. The true winner in the family came from my daughter Dana who entered the competition for the first time. She captured the "Best of Show" print for our local guild. Her image (titled "Final Thoughts") was in the Social Function category and was created of Ron Jordan during his wedding. Congratulations goes out to Dana and to Ron.

"Best of Show" by Dana
Client: Ron Jordan
1st Place album by Willie
Client: Kristin & Frederick Schliphte

Monday, August 18, 2008

EDLs - Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN holds a special place in my heart because that's where I met my wife for the first time 38 years ago. So, to return there for a week long photographer's marketing convention was a treat. The convention was packed with great money-making ideas, but there was little free time. I still managed to get in a brief EDL walk downtown, and I got off a few of shots to remind me of how colorful the city is.

Memphis is an old city with a rich history.This shot was taken in the Cotton Museum
where I spent a lot of time viewing its history.

Time was also spent on a fast
moving trolley. So, whenever it stopped
that was the only time to get a clean shot.

Colors and texture...always eye-catching.
Old brick buildings were plentiful and is
something you don't see in South Florida.

These are actually huge parking posts
to prevent cars from entering a sports arena
ticket box office. Clever idea.
Americana at its best.
Juicy apples before getting a dip in candy.
This still life image was taken in a restaurant
at a

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meet Brooke

Brooke is a 17-year old teenager that was introduced to me by a friend who thought she might make a great model for some of my photography. Several months ago Brooke's friend came into the studio and talked with me about creating her daughter's portfolio, but she never contracted us for the session. Last week she came in again to reassure me that she still wanted me to photograph her daughter. However, in the meantime she knew of a friend who had a "cute" daughter...Brooke. She was so excited about connecting me and Brooke up for a photo shoot that she went home, picked her up, and brought her back to the studio for an interview.

I agreed that Brooke had a cute face and that I would photograph her as soon as I could. Well, today a fellow photographer asked me to come over to her home studio and help her set up her studio lighting system. So, I took Brooke along to add some realism to the project. What you see are some of the awesome images I created of Brooke in a 30-45 minute shoot we had on a very rainy day using strictly available light. Personally, I think Brooke and I make a great team!

Equipment: Canon 30D, 70-200mm IS lens, ISO 400, & gold reflector
Software: Adobe Lightroom 1.4 & Photoshop CS3


17-years old and cute!
The first two images were created
on the 2nd floor staircase.

Brooke has a face that begs to be photographed.
Tough pose, but Brooke handled it well.
Fantastic shot and I love it!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Michelle’s Testimony

“Thank you” seems like such a small word to express our gratitude, pleasure, and complete happiness with Willie and his daughter Dana at Portrait Corner Studio. When my husband and I began the process of looking for a photographer, it seemed such a daunting process. Would the photographer meet our high standards, how would the quality of the photographs come out, and would the photographer understand our personalities and make them come alive in the pictures? Not only did Willie make us, especially me, feel like the most important bride, but also he and Dana made us feel like we were family.

No matter what strange request or question I had throughout the entire process they always responded with a smile in their voice. I believe I am one of the luckiest brides because of their amazing skills. Not only did Willie capture stunning images at our “Love Story” Session and during our “Wedding”, he also did an extra shoot for me at a friend’s house. I was able to give my husband a lovely portrait of me in my gown as a wedding gift. This extra session was such a blessing because I was able to work with Willie in advance and he helped me to overcome my shyness. (My best friend, who he renamed “Reflector Girl” because she helped with his equipment, still laughs over the fun we had that day!!!).

I was also the first bride to volunteer for a special project that Willie had in mind and that was to take pre-wedding pictures of my final fitting at a bridal boutique. (I cannot emphasize enough to all potential brides that you should take advantage of this opportunity). Willie met my mother and me at David’s Bridal one evening for this special photo shoot. All I can say is, “WOW! The pictures he took were amazing”. Congratulations, Willie, on your first place prize for these pictures, too. They were truly amazing and the whole session was so much fun with the bridal consultant getting into the action and the other brides running away from your camera.

The images that Willie and Dana captured on our wedding day were not mere pictures, but a story. They show the emotions of the day and the souls of the persons. Our wedding album is by far the most beautiful album I’ve ever seen and the story of our wedding will be forever cherished in its images. Willie, Brian and I cannot thank you enough for being our photographer and more importantly our Friend!! We look forward to many years of visiting your studio for important family events.

Michelle & Brian Hooker

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Latasha & Ron

Brides come in all kinds of personality flavors, but to meet Latasha Butts for the first time was like meeting the “sweetest woman you’ve ever known”. Quiet and very easy going are the first adjectives that come to mind when you have parted company with her. You get the feeling that nothing could upset Latasha. Nothing. After documenting uncounted weddings in my professional lifetime I knew her personality would carry her through the chaos of her wedding day.

It’s been said that the ideal couple is one who are opposites in likes but complementary in dislike. Well, Ron is that chemistry that makes the two of them an ideal couple. During their wedding day it was like a photographer’s dream while I photographed Latasha and her bridal party. Likewise, when we were creating the cake shots I had to compliment Ron on what a gentleman he was even after Latasha (accidentally) smashed cake in his face. He absolutely adores her. I guess I’m confessing how much I enjoyed capturing images of Latasha and Ron. So, I’ll just let some of the images I created on their wedding day speak for the wonderful time my daughter Dana and I had as their wedding photographers.


Latasha with a look of anticipation for Ron.
Girls having fun and showing off their stuff!
Latasha with the look of a queen.Miami Heat tryouts with EVERYONE making the team!
Ron was the perfect groom and gentleman of the day.

Trust me that this is not how the cake feeding ended...

However, the marriage was sealed with a kiss.