Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Mary Anne Powers

I met Mary Anne a little over 5 years ago when I first moved to Georgia and my wife and I were dealing with the issues of converting our healthcare coverage to the new state.  She's a licensed insurance agent.  I would have to ask her how we met because quite frankly I don't remember, but it seems like a lifetime because we hit it off the very first time that we met.

I have to confess that this session with her involved a little "photographic blackmail" because when she asked me to photograph her son's senior portraits I stipulated that I would only do it if she would  pose for a portrait session with me.  The deal was made and it was a great session because Mary Anne has such gorgeous eyes and a bubbly, carefree spirit that would make any portrait photographer's job easy.  She has an infectious smile and that's what's so special about her, likewise I also desired to create some shots of her that showed her deeper personality.  It was a fun session, Mary Anne, and I think you enjoyed the moment as much as I did.  You are a beautiful woman and your portraits are awesome!








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