Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Everyday Life Glimpses

Listen softly to the silence of the wind and you will hear the quiet voice of nature buffeting the roar of man's busyness. Then if you walk quietly and listen with your eyes you will begin to see God's creation unfold pleasantly in front of you.  Although you might have a fleeting
of what you've seen, the lens of a camera can capture it for eternity.  So, play the images over and over again within your mind. Now you can see every detail...every tiny detail.


Thursday, November 22, 2012


The following images of Jada are quit interesting in the fact that I have never met this woman before, except in the brief moments that I spent with her during a break at a friend's wedding.  I was sitting outside the reception area (giving my feet a rest from all the standing) when I noticed her sitting on a sofa across from me.  So-o-o...  Finding her far more attractive than the decor I asked her would she mind letting me create a few shots of her in exchange for her time.  She heartily agreed and we spent a few moments creating some nice portraits of her in the space of 10 feet and approximately 10 minutes.

Jada, thanks for the brief but fun session.


Click images for larger preview

This is one of my favorites images of Jada.

This and the following images were created in a deactivated phone booth using the light from above. I love the effect.

Camera:  Canon 30D w/ 17-55mm IS lens
Post-production:  Adobe CS3 & Lightroom 2.5