Friday, April 8, 2016

April Wallace [Red Gate & Field]

Have you ever spotted a location in your travels and thought in your mind that it would be a perfect place to create some awesome photographs?  Well, for over 5 years I have travel passed the red gate in this series of images while en-route to my local gym and not taken the time to use it.  Well, I finally committed to using the location, so I called up my favorite model (April Wallace) and scheduled a late afternoon session.  I also made plans for another location (a field) just in case the lighting wasn't what I expected it to be at the gate.  April decided on the wardrobes she would wear and both locations yielded some great images that captured both my and her imagination.  I can now scratch off the red gate from my bucket list of locations.








Cameras:  Canon 5D with 24-105mm IS lens and Canon 30D with 70-200mm IS lens
NLE:  Adobe Lightroom, Adobe CS3, and Portraiture

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tarantula Spider 1505 Quadcopter

The Tarantula Spider is a low priced quadcopter that fits the need to fly a small drone and not worry about initial cost of purchase or the price for future repairs.  The quad comes packaged RTF (without AA batteries required for the controller) and can be prepared to fly within the time it takes to charge the lipo flight battery.  Prop guards are available to minimize prop strikes but the propellers are highly flexible and offer some damage protection should you decide not to install the guards.  I would not classify this quad as hobby grade but if you're looking for a model to just bang around or give to a kid to begin a new hobby the Tarantula Spider just might be the deal.


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Thursday, January 14, 2016

April Wallace - First Photo Session

The following "behind-the-scenes" images were created during my first portrait session with April Wallace and where taken at the Enterprise Mill in downtown Augusta.  I met April at a local restaurant and quickly recognized that she would be an excellent subject to photograph and I encouraged her to give me a call if she was interested.  During that encounter April informed me that over time several people had mentioned that she should consider modeling, and so she promptly advised me that she was interested.

Although it was a trifle wet and chilly on the day of the session April did a fantastic job despite the cold weather, and overall I was pleased with the images we were able to create on this overcast day.  The session involved using off-camera flash as well as available light techniques to light the subject.

I'm looking forward to having more sessions with April in the future and believe she will look more stunning in front of the camera as she become better at posing.   Thanks for a great first time session, April.


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Camera/Lenses:  Canon 5D w/24-105mm IS & Canon 30D w70-200mm IS
Lighting:  Doug Box Softbox w/Canon 550 flash & PocketWizard
NLE:  Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop CS3, & Imagenomic Portraiture
Location:  Enterprise Mill