Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Appling, GA

"Appling, GA" is actually a brief EDL (every day life) session that I spent photographing local scenery with my friend Roy and his wife Jeannine.  Several weeks ago Jeannine requested that I give her some photography lessons, so while they were house sitting for their daughter I drove up to meet them and after a brief teaching session we took our cameras out for a spin.

Because I was doing more instructing and less shooting I was only able to come away with a few images especially when Jeannine's camera gobbled up her two batteries faster than expected and I had to give her mine camera to use.  However, like the true portrait photographer that I am, I couldn't resist putting them together for an impromptu photo session.  The one below is my favorite out of four quick images I created.

Our session started at her daughter's house and ended up at a rundown building.  Jeannine loves old barns and ruins.  It was a great time, Roy and Jeannine, and I look forward to photography lesson number two.

Roy and Jeannie Baldwin

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cierra Jenkins - Prom Memories

Last year when my good friend Cortez Jenkins invited me to visit his home so that he could repair my Blade 450X remote control helicopter from a crash, I got the chance to meet his daughter Cierra.  To show my gratitude for his service I offered to photograph Cierra's senior portraits.  I didn't get the chance to produce those photographs but Cortez did ask me to photograph Cierra and her escort before leaving for their high school prom.

So we met at her aunt's house (with lots of family members watching the session) and I had a great experience with her and her date despite it was raining outside and our original plans of photographing in a nearby park fell through.  The highlight and conclusion to the session was the addition of a restored antique automobile that was furnished by a relative.  During the brief session that we had together I found Cierra to be the type daughter whose respect, intellect and personal beauty could make any set of parents PROUD.

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Killing Time With Nakia Simpson

What do you do when you arrive at your portrait session and the client isn't there and you have to kill time waiting for their arrival?  Why you solicit the next best person who is willing to spend a little time in front of the camera to keep you from being bored.

Well, that's just the context of this post.  It was raining outside, I had no clue when my client was arriving, and I was getting impatient and bored by the minute, so I asked Nakia if she felt like taking a few photographs while I waited.  The results was a fun session that turned out pretty good for both of us.  Check out how well Nakia did during this impromptu session.  Surely there's a future session in the works!  Thanks, Nakia, for sitting in.


We started off our session on the fast track with me getting schooled on the difference between Puma vs Jordan shoes.  They looked like Pumas to me!  No insult Nakia.


Yes, the car belongs to Nakia...two hot models!
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