Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Can Draw #2

Man sitting in chair
This is another posting of drawings that I have done over the past months.  Admittedly, I have been a little too busy doing other things to keep up the routine of drawing something everyday.  Therefore, you may notice several drawings that I haven't finished. I hope you enjoy these latest attempts at stretching my personal talents. 
Disney Hall [pencil]
[Double-click images to enlarge viewing]

Face of Man [Pencil]
Flower Petals [Colored Pencils]
Orange on Table [Ink]

Woman Without a Face [Sanguine]

Mixed Fruit [pencils]

Self-Portrait [Pencils]
Scribbles [Ink]

Trash Can by Steps [Pencils]
Tulips [Ink]

Woman [ink]
Woman in red hat [Colored Pencils]
Flowers [Colored Pencils]
Portrait of Woman From Memory[2H Pencil]
Portrait of Woman [Ink]
Portrait Study of Girl [Ink]

Water Lillies [Colored markers and Charcoal]
Pears and Baseball [Colored Pencils]

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gianluca Foli

Sometimes you come across a beautiful thing in life and you know you need to share it with the world.  That is why I am sharing with my readers information about noted artist Gianluca Foli.  I came across his work in a video I was watching that led me to Google his name and find out more about him.  What a goldmine.  

On his website I found out that he is an amazing artist with some of the most beautiful drawings I have come to admire.  In fact, I want to place smack in the middle of this posting just one of my favorite drawings of his.

Presagio di Primavera

 I was so inspired by Gianluca's work I got back to sketching again after months of letting it slide.  I hope after viewing this link, Gianluca Foli, you will be much appreciative of the artist and his amazing artwork and see things in life, art, and certainly photography differently. I sure do.


P.S.:  If you really want to get up close and personal with Gianluca check out this link:  Video Documentary