Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jennifer Evans' Portrait Session

"I love taking pictures" is all that Jennifer had to tell me one day when I mentioned that I'd like to photograph her. After waiting weeks for the weather to warm up, finally we decided to give the session a go regardless of what the day brought. Well, it was raining, nonetheless once we got on location and started shooting miraculously the rain stopped and we had fun creating some of the following images.

Jennifer confessed to me that although she likes taking pictures she's never had a session with a professional photographer. My hat is off to her because I think she did extremely well in front of the camera and I look forward to another session with her in the future.



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To start the session off I included Jennifer's mom in a shot.
This is one of my favorite images of Jennifer.
I went into the session wanting to create this portrait.

Jennifer has a great smile, but I challenged
her serious side in this image.

Click this link to view a slideshow of the entire session: Jennifer

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EDL - Wren/Washington, GA

This Everyday Life (EDL) session of images was taken on a photographic outing in the city of Wren & Washington, GA. The old fire engine was discovered rusting away along a rock road leading to a small airport.

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Church of the Mediator (Panorama)
The Robert Toombs Home (Panorama)

Camera: Canon 30D w/17-55mm IS lens
Post-production: Lightroom 2.5
Slideshow: Producer 4

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Girl in the Park - Jasamin Hannan

One day while walking in the park with my camera and photographing bits and pieces of nature, I saw this young woman sitting in her car with the window rolled down. She appeared to be in deep thought, but her innocent-looking face and entrapping eyes seemed to clearly expose her inner being. I couldn't resist the opportunity to photograph her.

Not to startled her I politely asked if she wouldn't mind me photographing her where she sat. She agreed in exchange for me sending her the images. With in a matter of seconds I created the following images and gave her my business card so she could contact me. She said her name was Jasamin Hannan...she never contacted me.

I still wonder who she was. Perhaps an angel.


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If eyes are the "windows of the soul", then you're looking at Jasamin's soul.

Camera: Canon 30D w/17-55mm IS lens
Post-production: Photoshop CS3