Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boshears Skyfest 2014 with Props & Rotors RC Club

It has been several years since I attended the Annual Boshears Skyfest held at Daniel Field in Augusta, GA.  However, when Vernon Horne invited me to come and document the static display and some of the flying that volunteer members from the Props and Rotors RC Club where putting on I couldn't decline the invitation.  I've documented other events the club has sponsored and they are a great bunch of RC modelers who know how to fly and put on a spectacular show.   I've discovered that these guys love flying their models but they are super generous in sharing their experiences with anyone who takes an interest in the sport/hobby.

Okay, back to the airshow.  Well, to be honest I spent so much time with the RC modelers I didn't get a lot of time to photograph the real planes.  Here is a snippet of what I did capture and I've tossed in a light blend of the model airplane stuff.  To show you how well the real airplanes and the model airplanes mixed check out the first's my favorite!


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 Vernon Horne's scale AH-1 Cobra RC helicopter 
leads a biplane for a low flyby.  So realistic!


 One of my favorite airplanes...the Stearman PT-19.




 There's nothing like a good nose art painting.

 The real Cobra!  It was too busy giving paid rides.  
However, the pilots took time to check out Vernon's replica.

Several Props and Rotors members returning from the flight line.  As you can see everything is still in one piece (check out the smiles).

Vernon Horne preparing his AH-1 Cobra for takeoff.




 Adam Facey shows off the latest quad copter technology.

 Is it real or a model?
                  Props and Rotors Volunteer Members

(One of my favorite techniques as a photographer is to capture 180 degree panoramas)

A variety of models on display at the Props and Rotors Booth.