Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aprille Phillips - Dancer Extraordinaire

If ever there were two art forms that are completely compatible, I believe that dancing and photography are a perfect match. The two professions produce similar emotions that ascribe to illusion of lines, forms, and geometry in making powerful statements that sometimes can only be interpreted by the viewer. To me that is what's so exciting about photographing a professional dancer.

Met a "dancer extraordinaire"...Aprille Phillps. I don't remember how Aprille found out about my photography, but when I visited her studio to discuss doing publicity images for her business I was anxious to begin the job. What really excited me was when I asked her to show me a few of the moves she wanted me to capture. Her dance movements were "divine" and I was completely drawn into the spirituality of her talents.
I'm certain you will be able to experience in the following images just how awesome this woman is at performing dance. This is a session I won't forget.

[Click image to view full screen]

To view a slideshow of additional images click here: Aprille