Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Appling, GA

"Appling, GA" is actually a brief EDL (every day life) session that I spent photographing local scenery with my friend Roy and his wife Jeannine.  Several weeks ago Jeannine requested that I give her some photography lessons, so while they were house sitting for their daughter I drove up to meet them and after a brief teaching session we took our cameras out for a spin.

Because I was doing more instructing and less shooting I was only able to come away with a few images especially when Jeannine's camera gobbled up her two batteries faster than expected and I had to give her mine camera to use.  However, like the true portrait photographer that I am, I couldn't resist putting them together for an impromptu photo session.  The one below is my favorite out of four quick images I created.

Our session started at her daughter's house and ended up at a rundown building.  Jeannine loves old barns and ruins.  It was a great time, Roy and Jeannine, and I look forward to photography lesson number two.

Roy and Jeannie Baldwin