Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nadia & Lesly's 10th Year Anniversary Session

If I had to put a spin on this posting it would be this.  Your best clients will always come back to use your services if you have delivered a quality product and you have built a lifelong relationship with them.  In retrospect I believe that also applies to the vendor because Nadia and Lesly were one of my "star" clients.  I had the pleasure of photographing both their engagement and wedding sessions.  (No maternity or children session yet, but I'm still hopeful).

The first image shows what Lesly and Nadia looked like ten years ago and you can see that not only have they weathered well in their marriage, but also they are still a handsome looking couple.  Then I've posted several images from their recent session, which would not have happened if I hadn't journeyed back to Florida to cover a wedding and Nadia scheduled the portrait session during that trip.  I had so little time to create images for their anniversary album and you will see that we ended up shooting in total darkness but I was able to pull off the session.

Before I left Nadia and Lesly to head back to my hotel I bid them farewell with the hopes of seeing them in another ten years.  If I'm lucky it may be sooner.  Congratulations, Lesly and Nadia.  God has truly blessed you two and you are an example that marriage is a good thing.  You have ten years together to prove it!



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Nadia & Lesly, circa March 15, 2002 Engagement Session

Still a classy lady

One of my favorite images