Saturday, February 27, 2010

Emma and Evan's Love Story

Emma and Evan are a young engaged couple who remind me of a fairytale because they are so much in love with each other. It shows in the fun way they display their affection for each other whether it be laughing together or simply embracing each other.

The pride of both their parents, I wanted to show in the following images the maturity in their relationship as well as the innocence of their love. I'll post their wedding images in a future blog.



To view additional images of this session, click on the play button below. If you experience skipping due to a slow Internet connection, try letting the file completely load before resuming play.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ronay Bloom - 3rd Generation

Third generation portrait sessions are a delight for any photographer because you get to see the dynamics of relationships in action. When Ronay Bloom called the studio and discussed her desire to have us create portraits of her son, sisters, and mother I was excited about the opportunity.

Before Ronay and her family came into the studio, we spent several minutes in a portrait consultation and discussed everything from wardrobe to individual qualities of each person who would be in the portrait. One of the plus factors that I was really pleased about was the color scheme of clothing Ronay and the other women had chosen: purple and black. I knew this color combination was going to lend an elegant look to the images and truly enhance the beauty of each of the women.

I look forward to creating more 3rd generation sessions and will probably in the future offer a promotional offer to my clients on this theme. The portraits are "priceless" and can never be repeated.



The little man of the house.
Three generations of mom, daughters, and grandson.
"It's between me and granny".
"Grandmothers were created for fun!"
A beautiful and proud grandmother.
Ronay and her mom.
Ronay and her sisters.

To see more portraits from this session click on the play buttom below. (Note: If you experience skipping because of a slow internet connection. Allow the file to completely load before clickling play again).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back From St. Croix, VI

As you can see from the previous posting Dana and I are back from our week long destination wedding in St. Croix. What a fantastic time we shared with Marian, Kenneal, and their families and friends. In previous visits to the Caribbeans I've never had the opportunity to spend some free time. For this trip however, we got into town two days before the wedding and stayed an extra two days after the wedding. So, we had an opportunity to see the island like a native.

In this posting I want to share some images of the folks who made our stay in St. Croix pleasant and worthwhile.
Thank you so much Lorna, Ben, Rebecca, and Aubrey.



Fresh off our flight from Miami to St. Croix, VI
Christy at the entrance to the
beer drinking pig "tourist trap".
Yeah, Buddy, that pig stinks!
Aubrey showing off his vintage Benz.
Eddie Mae & Rebecca providing hood ornaments
for Aubrey's awesome antique Benz.

Atop Point Udall with a rain storm sneaking up behind us.
Willie, Christy, Eddie Mae, & Dana (pure tourists).
Dana on the prowl for some great shots.
Many thanks to Lorna & Benson George for
taking REAL good care of us in their home.
Oh, and don't
forget their dog "Thor".Lorna & her brother.
Christy & Dana goofing off.
Christy, Rebecca, & Dana just before our return flight home.