Wednesday, February 3, 2010

St. Croix Worship

Whenever I travel out of town I always make it a priority to worship on Sunday. I love the experience of blending in with a group of worshippers I've never met or enjoying the splendor of their worship facility. There's nothing like being in God's house. Most of the time I have to ask a local where is a good place to worship in my particular faith. However, because we were staying in the home of a friend naturally I tagged along with them. Of course, I took my camera with me and that's when the curiosity and fun began.

Initially, when I pointed my camera at someone and my shutter fired, their eyes grew wide, and plenty of heads in the congregation turned when they realized I was taking pictures. I think most of folks thought I was some sort of government spy. However, after I got to introduce myself as a visiting photographer from Florida,tensions relaxed and I was able to capture the heart of the service and it's people. It was such a great feeling to see praise and worship through the eyes of my camera which is something I've never done before. I hope you enjoy the glimpses of what I experienced in this tiny Methodist church in St. Croix.

Sleep befall many who are young and bored.
Pastor E. Dunstan Richardson and his wife.
A prayer circle among women.
I'm not sure if she's singing or hiding.Children are always cute!
Love those hats.
Up close with the "Church Lady"!

To see more images, click on the video play button below. For best viewing (if you have a SLOW computer) click the play button, pause it so the file has time to load, then click play again.


Church: Bethel Methodist Church, St. Croix, VI

Camera: Canon 5D with 24-105mm IS lens
Flash: Canon 550 EXII
Post-process: Lightroom 2.0

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