Thursday, November 22, 2012


The following images of Jada are quit interesting in the fact that I have never met this woman before, except in the brief moments that I spent with her during a break at a friend's wedding.  I was sitting outside the reception area (giving my feet a rest from all the standing) when I noticed her sitting on a sofa across from me.  So-o-o...  Finding her far more attractive than the decor I asked her would she mind letting me create a few shots of her in exchange for her time.  She heartily agreed and we spent a few moments creating some nice portraits of her in the space of 10 feet and approximately 10 minutes.

Jada, thanks for the brief but fun session.


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This is one of my favorites images of Jada.

This and the following images were created in a deactivated phone booth using the light from above. I love the effect.

Camera:  Canon 30D w/ 17-55mm IS lens
Post-production:  Adobe CS3 & Lightroom 2.5

Saturday, November 3, 2012

AMA District V Air Fest

I had the pleasure of traveling to Statesboro, GA to do some still and video work at the AMA District V Air Fest R/C modeling fly-in on October 27th.  Although the weather turned sour because of hurricane Sandy making its trek up the east coast, still a lot of pilots and their friends showed up for the 3-day event.

The event was hosted by the Ogeechee Aeromasters R/C modeling club.  I'm including several shots of model airplanes in this blog, but you'll want to check out the two links below.  One is for the slideshow of still shots that I took and the other is a video documentary of the day.


Click on images to see enlarged previews
B.L. Prosser received an award for his contributions to the event.

Panorama of all attendees

Flight of this scale B-29 is the highlight of the video link below.
The youngest heli pilot (his first flight)