Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Angelique & Amy - Friends Session

There is something special about two young friends who are separated by many miles but have an opportunity to get together during summertime. Amy is a long time friend of my granddaughter Angelique and when she came for a brief visit, Angelique made sure they had a photo session together. Angelique really wanted me to photograph Amy by herself because she had been telling her about my photography skills. In fact, Amy brought her camera over to the house for me to give her a few pointers.

However, I decided that it would be neat to combine the sessions and photographed them together while giving Amy a few more minutes in front of the camera. It was easy photographing the girls and there are some unique images of them together. I didn't have a lot of time to shoot the session because Amy was leaving the next morning and the sun was setting when we started shooting. So, I decided to use the front porch of our house for a studio.

I hope these images will offer up memories for years to come.



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I started the session with Amy to
if she could work well in front of the camera.
This is my favorite shot of my granddaughter and her friend.I asked Amy to let her hair down for
the following shots which was a great idea.
One well put statement can give you spontaneous
reactions that generates some awesome images.
Amy's Latin descent is quite obvious in this image.
Nothing like horseplay to seal a friendship.

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Camera: Canon 30D with 70-200 mm IS lens
Post-production: Adobe Lightroom and Adobe CS3
Slideshow: Producer 4

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Patricia & Jon's Love Story

Once again I've had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of one of the kids that I taught in the preschool department at Sheridan Hills Baptist Church. I can hardly believe the maturity these students have achieved in years that seem like yesterday to me. My sense of pride in them is overwhelming and my expectations for their future is wrapped up in one emotional high.

I've known Jonathan Simu and his family for many years and was delighted when they phoned me and asked if I would be their wedding photographer. So, I flew into Florida and we hit the beach for a quick session one day before the wedding. As soon as I saw Patricia for the first time I knew the three of us were going to have a great time taking pictures. Without a doubt the two of them could hit the modeling scene and make a career out of it.

Although Patricia was favoring shooting the entire session on the beach, I couldn't resist capturing images of them in the parking lot and on the boardwalk. Because of Patricia's animated personality I was so ready to get started. You will see that some of those photographs are among my favorites. I want to extend my congratulations to Patricia and Jon and tell them what an exciting moment in their lives these images will represent. I'll see you for round two at the wedding.


[Double-click images to enlarge for better viewing]

Whenever I start a session and get these kinds of
within a few seconds, I know it's gonna be a good day.
Model material if I ever saw it.
Patricia's idea of jumping into Jon's arms (he didn't drop her).
Nice rock there, Jon!
Patricia is a natural in front of the camera.
Oh, yeah! Jon was pumped for this shot.
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Location: Hollywood Beach
Camera: Canon 30D w/17-55mm IS lens

Post-production: Adobe Lightroom & Adobe CS3

Slideshow: Producer 4

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