Friday, March 14, 2008

One Spicy Lady

I met Patricia Martins at a commercial job where I created architectural photographs for a client who was offering her property for rent. Initially Patricia was preparing the outside grounds for the shoot so that everything would be in place. Then about halfway through the job she changed out of jeans, gloves, and straw hat and became a stunning model that was part of the landscape. Below are images we created just for fun a few weeks after that job. The Latin blood of Patricia sizzle in these head shots of her. She's almost chameleon-like in these images.

Fresh from a seminar where I learned how to perfect the above technique, I thought this shot was a perfect example of what I'd learned. A great high-key fashion look.

Patricia's sultry mystic is both natural and visually entertaining. This image portrays her at her best.

Patricia also has a "goddess" look that is captivating.

Natalie Johns

For years Portrait Corner Studio has specialized in lots of wedding and adult portraiture, but we were so busy with these mainstream sessions that we totally neglected our children and infant clients. Plus I realized that it takes a LOT of work to keep kids in front of the camera in order to get great shots. (Call me lazy). Well, after attending several seminars featuring some of the best children photographers in the nation we are making a big effort to show our expertise in children photography. Suddenly, I get a kick out of photographing these little subjects because I never know what they’re going to do. These images of Natalie Johns prove my point. They make me marvel at her amazing personality at the age of 5 years and at the same time fall down laughing at her antics. She is so-o-o cute!

It didn't take much to get Natalie inspired.

Here's what you get when you ask a child to sit on the bench.

The perfect little lady.

Hide and go seek Natalie's style

Every time I see this image I crack up laughing. Only Natalie could do this.

Then she turns into a little princess.