Saturday, May 28, 2011

Drawing Class Portrait

I had a great time in my first beginners drawing class offered by the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. I've never taken a drawing class before, but we had a small class of eager beginners and a wonderful instructor in Cyndy Epps. The photograph below was taken our last day of class just before our "plein air" drawing session. The morning started off "chilly", but quickly warmed up.

[Double-click image to enlarge viewing]

Our teacher, Cyndy Epps, is holding a class project
where each of us had a portion of the drawing to
complete. We joined our individual pieces together,
and Cyndy is holding the final project. Yep,
I was the only dude in the class? Go figure.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cristina Valesquez

Two weeks ago while attending an art festival at downtown River Walk in Augusta, I met Cristina who was setting up her booth to sell candles. I'd initially noticed her, but didn't pay too much attention to her until a friend of mine mentioned how attractive she was. With that comment I decided to ask her if she would model for me. Cristina was very flattered by the invitation but equally apprehensive about being in front of the camera. She had never modeled before.

So, to give her some encouragement a week later we met and I showed her samples of my work and she agreed to this first session. I also want to give a big "thank you" to Kenya Moody who applied Cristina's makeup. This was our first time working together as a team, so I've started off the images below with Kenya at work.

In closing, I get a creative rush when I photograph someone who has never been photographed by a professional before. It's a thrill adding my creative touch to their personality and then see it all come together in great images. I look forward to working with Kenya and Cristina in the future. I think we all make a great team!

[Double click images to enlarge viewing]
Cristina before makeup was applied.
Kenya at work.
Model and makeup artist.
Cristina after makeup was applied.
One look at this image and you understand
I wanted to photograph Cristina.
Cristina is Panamanian and she has great skin coloring.
We borrowed the front of this truck from a
who was parked near our location.

[To see a slide presentation of all the images
from this session, click on this link here.]

Location: 6th Street, Downtown Augusta
Cameras: 30D w/17-55mm IS and 70-200mm IS lenses
Flash: Canon 580 EX
Post: Adobe Lightroom 2.5 & CS3
Lighting: Doug Box softbox

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Art in the Park 2011

Artists showcase their talents at Art in the Park 2011, a festival highlighting the visual and performing arts. This year's event includes performances by local arts groups and performers, arts vendors, artist demonstrations, and the third annual sidewalk chalk contest.

Location: Evans, GA
Camera: Canon 30D w/17-55mm IS lens
Post: Adobe Lightroom 3 & CS3
Slideshow: Producer 4

[Double click images to enlarge viewing]

It all begins with a box of chalk.
My granddaugther (Angelique) and her rendition for the contest.
Here's the sidewalk version.
Samantha and her Phoenix drawing.
This was a very impressive drawing. See artist below.
It ain't mud, but it's just as messy!
Everyone took pride in their work.
I love the piercing eyes through the chalk.
Aaah, the pleasure of making pottery out of mud.
Good music was another part of the festival.
Cyndy Epps (my drawing teacher) had a major part in the festival's planning.
Panorama of the crowd.

To see a slide presentation of all of the chalk drawings click here:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Can Draw #1

The following sketches and paintings are from my first installment of: "I Can Draw". Back on March 10th I reported in a posting that I had started exploring my artistic talents in watercolor painting and drawing. Well, I'm having tons of fun learning the medium(s), so I've decided to start a gallery of my work in something I call "I Can Draw". In each of these postings I'll show you what I've been up to lately in my painting and drawing exercises. I hope you like them.


P.S.: Please, don't comment about how bad some of the pieces look; I'm a very "sensitive starving artist". LOL!!!

[Double-click images to enlarge viewing]

Male Torso (2H pencil)

This is the sketch that was my drawing breakthrough. On a scratch piece of paper one evening I penciled out this male torso and it perfectly matched my example. I finally could see the positive/negative spaces, shading, and proportions. It was exciting!

Bulrushes (watercolors)
My Hand (graphite pencils)
Two Pines (watercolors)
Winter Stream (watercolors)
Woman's Back (water soluble pencil)
Pond (colored pencils)
Pear (Crayola markers)
Flower (watercolor pencils)
Practice Lips 2(graphite pencil)
Flowers In A Vase (watercolor pencils)
Wacom Mouse (graphite pencil)
Bird of Paradise (colored pencils)
Bird on a limb (graphite pencils)
Bridge in forest (pencil & ink)
Diet Pepsi Ad (colored pencils)
Practice Ear (graphite pencil)
Girl sitting on stool (sanguine crayon)
Practice head (graphite pencil)
Practice Eye (graphite pencil)
Knife resting on spoon holder (graphite pencils)
Apple on table (colored pencils)
Practice lips (graphite pencil)
Assorted flowers in vase (graphite pencils)
Toilet paper on table (charcoal)
Squirrel on tree stump (graphite & water soluble pencils)
Apple (watercolor pencils)
Teddy Bear (graphite pencils)
Nectarine & Banana (pastel pencils)