Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Can Draw #1

The following sketches and paintings are from my first installment of: "I Can Draw". Back on March 10th I reported in a posting that I had started exploring my artistic talents in watercolor painting and drawing. Well, I'm having tons of fun learning the medium(s), so I've decided to start a gallery of my work in something I call "I Can Draw". In each of these postings I'll show you what I've been up to lately in my painting and drawing exercises. I hope you like them.


P.S.: Please, don't comment about how bad some of the pieces look; I'm a very "sensitive starving artist". LOL!!!

[Double-click images to enlarge viewing]

Male Torso (2H pencil)

This is the sketch that was my drawing breakthrough. On a scratch piece of paper one evening I penciled out this male torso and it perfectly matched my example. I finally could see the positive/negative spaces, shading, and proportions. It was exciting!

Bulrushes (watercolors)
My Hand (graphite pencils)
Two Pines (watercolors)
Winter Stream (watercolors)
Woman's Back (water soluble pencil)
Pond (colored pencils)
Pear (Crayola markers)
Flower (watercolor pencils)
Practice Lips 2(graphite pencil)
Flowers In A Vase (watercolor pencils)
Wacom Mouse (graphite pencil)
Bird of Paradise (colored pencils)
Bird on a limb (graphite pencils)
Bridge in forest (pencil & ink)
Diet Pepsi Ad (colored pencils)
Practice Ear (graphite pencil)
Girl sitting on stool (sanguine crayon)
Practice head (graphite pencil)
Practice Eye (graphite pencil)
Knife resting on spoon holder (graphite pencils)
Apple on table (colored pencils)
Practice lips (graphite pencil)
Assorted flowers in vase (graphite pencils)
Toilet paper on table (charcoal)
Squirrel on tree stump (graphite & water soluble pencils)
Apple (watercolor pencils)
Teddy Bear (graphite pencils)
Nectarine & Banana (pastel pencils)

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