Saturday, May 7, 2011

Natasha & Brett's "Love Story"

Throughout the business year of a portrait/wedding studio you run into customers who simply standout from the ordinary. These are the clients who come to you because they have seen and appreciate your work and know that they want the best that you can offer them. The joy about working with this type client is that they not only let you do your job unhindered, but they encourage you to express your creativity in any fashion that you see fit.

I can honestly tell you that out of the many clients that I've photographed, Natasha Robinson is in the top five. She absolutely stole my heart and loyalty to create awesome portraits for her over the months leading up to her wedding day. I've never met a woman who is so full of confidence and self-awareness as Natasha, yet she has an aura of kindness that supersedes any label you could put on the term "elegant woman".

Quite often when I was photographing Brett and Natasha during their engagement session below, I reminded them what a beautifully balanced couple they were. In many of today's couples you just don't see the type of unselfish relationship that they have with each other. I wished that every engaged couple could spend some time talking to Brett and Natasha about what makes their relationship so unique. Keep an eye out for all of the postings on this couple because I don't want you to miss a true "Love Story".


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I don't give nicknames to my clients,
but Natasha's would be "Smooth".

If Natasha doesn't win you over with pleasantness,
she will surely do it with laughter and fun.

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