Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Will The "Real" Wedding Photographer Stand Up!

I love photography. Apparently a few other folks do, too. Check out a recent photograph Dana took of me at a wedding. See if YOU can spot the "real" wedding photographer. The first person to email me with the correct answer at: will receive a year supply of broken point & shoot cameras with complementary dead batteries.



Monday, December 29, 2008

The Rizzos

My, my, my how times files when you're raising a young family. The last time I photographed Sherry, Jeff, Anthony, and Jessica Rizzo the kids were no where near the age of being in college. So, they were definitely overdue for an updated family portrait. Jeff got in touch with me and promptly reminded me how long ago it had been since the last time they'd had a professional family portrait done. So we schedule a session while the kids where home for the holidays.

Once the family arrived at the studio it was great greeting and hugging everyone as we renewed our friendships and caught up on what everyone was doing in the life. Jeff and Sherry didn't look a day older and still looked as handsome together as they did when I first photographed their family. The kids? Well, they were much older and doing great in school while attending the same university. How cool can that be? In fact, Anthony was on his way out of state to compete in some big chess competition he hoped to win.

My strategy for photographing the Rizzo was simple. Start off with the family then make sure that I got lots of shots of the kids. I also wanted individual shots of Sherry and Jeff together as well as by themselves. A lot of studios will only photograph a family session without breaking up the group. I believe by creating these different relational ship combinations it affords the parents portraits groups that later will satisfy needs for years to come.

It was pleasurable photographing the Rizzos again and who knows? Maybe there will be a wedding or two down the road in the near future. Check out the Rizzos...some neat images.



A strong family portrait is a must for every family heirloom.
I really appreciate Jeff's willingness to let me pair him with his two children. This image is priceless.
The flames of romance between Sherry and Jeff are still real.
Is there any doubt that Jessica hasn't been blessed with the charm and beauty of her mom?
It was really important to me that I showed the deep bond between Anthony and Jessica.
Jessica warned me at the beginning
of the session that she preferred smiling portraits. I preferred her serious side.
I was so impressed with Anthony's cool attitude in front of the camera, I told him he needed to add modeling to his resume.
Sherry wanted a view of his pony and I obliged her.
I closed the session by creating a nice glamour
image of Sherry. She still has the good looks.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Airbus Christmas Party 2008

Once a year I get to photograph certain clients as they celebrate the holiday season with personal parties. Last year was the first time that we had an opportunity to cover Airbus' Holiday Party, but unfortunately I was covering a wedding and was unable to attend. This year I was available and had a wonderful time meeting their boss and staff.

We started off the event by photographing each employee along with their spouse or date and then provided them with a commemorative portrait before the of the night. I spent the remainder of the night capturing candid moments of the festivities and simply partying (photographically) with everyone. Check out the video below to see what a great time everyone had.

Dana and I wish the management and staff of Airbus a Merry Christmas and successful year in 2009!


Click play button above to view.

Airbus Coordinator: Karen Beckles

Location: Sgnature Grand, Davie
Event Producer: Linda Blanco

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xya & Lailah

The pleasure of photographing weddings is that there are so many other opportunities for providing my clients with additional photography. Such is the case with Chiante Brice. Immediately after booking her upcoming wedding with us, she was dying for Dana and I to create some images of her 8 1/2 years and 1 year old daughters. The girls had been photographed other photographers before, but the biggest disappointment was getting a great shot of Lailah by herself and together with equally good expressions. In fact, Chiante warned us that that was our challenge and if we could accomplish it she would give us a million dollars. (Just kidding!) After what Lailah put ALL of us through (me, Dana, Xya, Chiante, and grandmother) we all deserved a million dollars. Nevertheless, we set out to do what had been impossible before. The following images you see of Xya were a breeze to create. This little girl LOVES having her portrait taken, so while everyone else was chasing Lailah around the studio, I keep photographing her. An accomplished cheerleader, I just let Xya do whatever she thought were good poses, then I added my minor corrections. I see Xya as a little girl who is going to be famous one day because she is so confident about herself. Now, the images of Lailah were FINALLY created after a hour of trying to pin her down in one spot. So often the best shots of children are made just when we are giving up and turning off the camera. In fact, the only way to get a decent shot of Xya and Lailah was to drape Chiante and include her in the images. I actually, love the fact that we have a complete story of each girl and then beautiful images of them with mom. Ladies, you are gorgeous.


Xya and Laliah are beautiful sisters.
Xya is the greatest "big sister".Cute!
Xya is a confident 8 year old with tons of personality.This adorable shot is the one Chiante loved the most.
Chiante and her girls.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Photographer of The Year 2008

The news I'm about to share with you is both exciting for me as a professional photographer and even more exciting as a father. During the Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony for the Professional Photographers Guild of Florida (PPGF) I was both fortunate and honored to receive several key awards.

First, before I tell you about MY awards, I want to brag on my daughter (Dana). This was her first year competing as a professional photographer, and I'm proud to say that out of the Top Ten Professional Photographers in South Florida she came in 7th Place. I won't tell you how EXCITED she was (and surprised), but let this photograph speak for itself. As your dad, Dana, I'm proud of you and believe that you have a great future ahead of you as a photographer.

Dana receiving "7th Place,
Photographer of The Year"

Second, I want to thank all of my clients whose images I used for print competitions in order for me to win "Photographer of The Year". Many of you know who you are because I've given you the actual print that I entered as well as the ribbon that came with winning. I wish that I could give each of you a piece of the trophy that I received, so please share in the knowledge that I could not have done it without you. This is the second time that I've won "Photographer of The Year" (2006) and it is a difficult task to reach this level to say the least. There are so many other great photographers in PPGF that could have easily won this award.

I'm not certain how much I will compete this coming year both locally and state, but I will continue to enjoy taking great photographs of my clients in 2009. The pleasure of giving my clients excellent photography is equally as rewarding as being recognized by my peers. Thank you!

My first major award for the night
was for serving as Vice-President.
President Hitz awarding
me the President's Award.
Receiving the Robert Becker Award
which is equivalent to
"Photographer of The Year".
The 2008 PPGF Executive Board.

It has been a wonderful experience
serving as PPGF's
President for 2 years
and Vice-President this year.