Friday, December 5, 2008

Jamila & James' Wedding

Most of you know that I'm fairly tall---6'5" to be exact. My height suites me well as a photographer because I can cover subjects high and low with little problem. Very seldom do I have to look up to my subject in order to get a great image.

Well, photographing Jamila and James' wedding was plenty of fun because James is made out NFL stock and Jamila is made out of "sugar and spice and everything nice". Now, James has me by a couple of inches and pounds, but to see him in action as he interacts with Jamila is both poetry and humorous.
James' sense of humor and comical banter had me laughing all day during their wedding, too. I'm still laughing. In addition, when he hit the dance floor there was no stopping him. He virtually danced circles around everyone. I don't think the DJ could keep up with him and he was orchestrating the music.

Jamila and her mother, Irene, set the pace of the wedding from the onset with elegance and style that graced the ceremony and reception. The ambiance of the Westin Hotel was immaculate, too. One of the defining moments during the wedding was when Jamila and James dedicated their children to their marriage. Make sure you see that image below.

Jamila's court were elegantly dressed and beautiful.
This angelic portrait of Jamila is priceless.
Irene's last moments with her daughter.
This iconic image of James is sobering although
he has a sense of humor that is just as captivating.
James, his son (in the middle), and best men.
Dana has a sense of relationship with
the guys
that always allows her
to create powerful and storytelling images.

The Westin Hotel was an idyllic setting for their wedding.
The entire bridal party.
A girl just has to have fun!
The joining of two families was one of
emotional highlights of Jamila
and James' reception.

Dad's final dance with his daughter was romantic.
There's a story behind the penguin,
but you'll have to ask James.

James performing his garter removing strut.Somebody turn out the lights, please!!!!!
With the help of DJ Al Jones (in the
James pulled off the
most authentic lip syncing I
ever heard. Check out Jamila's

Thanks, Jamila and James, for inviting
Dana and me to your special day. It
was incredibly fabulous!


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deidre said...

I really had a great time at the wedding. It was beautiful in every way. Time stood still that night for the two of you. God has blessed this union! Thanks James & Jamilla for allowing me to share that day with you guys & assist in hosting your wedding!

-Love ya!