Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Xya & Lailah

The pleasure of photographing weddings is that there are so many other opportunities for providing my clients with additional photography. Such is the case with Chiante Brice. Immediately after booking her upcoming wedding with us, she was dying for Dana and I to create some images of her 8 1/2 years and 1 year old daughters. The girls had been photographed other photographers before, but the biggest disappointment was getting a great shot of Lailah by herself and together with equally good expressions. In fact, Chiante warned us that that was our challenge and if we could accomplish it she would give us a million dollars. (Just kidding!) After what Lailah put ALL of us through (me, Dana, Xya, Chiante, and grandmother) we all deserved a million dollars. Nevertheless, we set out to do what had been impossible before. The following images you see of Xya were a breeze to create. This little girl LOVES having her portrait taken, so while everyone else was chasing Lailah around the studio, I keep photographing her. An accomplished cheerleader, I just let Xya do whatever she thought were good poses, then I added my minor corrections. I see Xya as a little girl who is going to be famous one day because she is so confident about herself. Now, the images of Lailah were FINALLY created after a hour of trying to pin her down in one spot. So often the best shots of children are made just when we are giving up and turning off the camera. In fact, the only way to get a decent shot of Xya and Lailah was to drape Chiante and include her in the images. I actually, love the fact that we have a complete story of each girl and then beautiful images of them with mom. Ladies, you are gorgeous.


Xya and Laliah are beautiful sisters.
Xya is the greatest "big sister".Cute!
Xya is a confident 8 year old with tons of personality.This adorable shot is the one Chiante loved the most.
Chiante and her girls.

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