Monday, December 29, 2008

The Rizzos

My, my, my how times files when you're raising a young family. The last time I photographed Sherry, Jeff, Anthony, and Jessica Rizzo the kids were no where near the age of being in college. So, they were definitely overdue for an updated family portrait. Jeff got in touch with me and promptly reminded me how long ago it had been since the last time they'd had a professional family portrait done. So we schedule a session while the kids where home for the holidays.

Once the family arrived at the studio it was great greeting and hugging everyone as we renewed our friendships and caught up on what everyone was doing in the life. Jeff and Sherry didn't look a day older and still looked as handsome together as they did when I first photographed their family. The kids? Well, they were much older and doing great in school while attending the same university. How cool can that be? In fact, Anthony was on his way out of state to compete in some big chess competition he hoped to win.

My strategy for photographing the Rizzo was simple. Start off with the family then make sure that I got lots of shots of the kids. I also wanted individual shots of Sherry and Jeff together as well as by themselves. A lot of studios will only photograph a family session without breaking up the group. I believe by creating these different relational ship combinations it affords the parents portraits groups that later will satisfy needs for years to come.

It was pleasurable photographing the Rizzos again and who knows? Maybe there will be a wedding or two down the road in the near future. Check out the Rizzos...some neat images.



A strong family portrait is a must for every family heirloom.
I really appreciate Jeff's willingness to let me pair him with his two children. This image is priceless.
The flames of romance between Sherry and Jeff are still real.
Is there any doubt that Jessica hasn't been blessed with the charm and beauty of her mom?
It was really important to me that I showed the deep bond between Anthony and Jessica.
Jessica warned me at the beginning
of the session that she preferred smiling portraits. I preferred her serious side.
I was so impressed with Anthony's cool attitude in front of the camera, I told him he needed to add modeling to his resume.
Sherry wanted a view of his pony and I obliged her.
I closed the session by creating a nice glamour
image of Sherry. She still has the good looks.

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