Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Angel In Disguise

One of the nice things about being a professional photographer and having three daughters is that if you need a good looking model in a pinch they have the friends that can fill the bill. I was feeling the boredom from months of frigid temperatures, an ice storm, and even an earthquake in the Augusta area, so when the first week of warm weather arrived I was ready to shoot something! 

Months ago my middle daughter had introduced me to her co-worker Angel Adams, but the bad weather prevented us from having that first session.  Then she called me unexpectedly one day and said she was available for our first shoot.  I have to admire Angel's willingness to make herself available because not only is she a working mom but she lives a 45 minutes drive away. 

The day of the shoot was a little unnerving for Angel because initially she got lost on the way to our shooting location, she'd never model before, and we'd never met in person (we'd only spoken on the phone).  Once I settled her down and we started shooting at our first location the session progressed with ease and some nice images were created within an hour.  I want to commend Angel for volunteering to tackling a modeling experience that hopefully she won't forget because our time together turned out to be a big success on her first attempt.

Angel, we've got to do this again.


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