Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cindy Rizzo

Cindy Rizzo is an accomplished vocalist and I was delighted when she contacted me to create some images of her in her home. I brought in my usual portable lighting equipment, but my best images of her was created by using some good ole fashion light bulb lighting.

While Cindy was changing clothing I was strolling around her living room trying to figure out where I was going to shoot the next set of portraits. Immediately I was captivated by the quality of light coming from a lamp on a table. So, I had Cindy to sit near the arm of a sofa, then I directed the lamp's light onto her face in a lighting pattern that is used for creating glamour portraits. Sometimes the simplest of lighting and background is all you need to create a stunning image of your subject.

Cindy laughed when I called her a Martha Stewart
look-alike, but she really likes this image.

This stunning image and the next two were
created from
a lamp on the table next to a sofa.

It was very overcast when we
this set of images, but
off-camera flash
worked wonders.

Thanks, Cindy, for a fun session that
shows off your glamorous side.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Useful Web Sites #1

I'm not a big surfer of the Internet, but on occasion I have come across sites that are worth mentioning to my readership. Therefore, I'm going to start a series of blogs titled "Useful Web Sites" . Hopefully, this information will be of immense value to you. These links will not pretain strictly to photography, but will be a variety of information sites that will improve or better your quality of life.

I also challenge you to email me at if you have a site you want to share with me and my readership. I'll check it out then pass it along to everyone else who visits "pcJournal". To kick things off, these first web sites will help you kick credit card, insurance offers, and bulk mail companies to the curb.

Would you like to reduce the amount of mail you throw away, shred or recycle? Visit the following Web sites to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail your receive: is the official reporting industry Web site to accept and process consumrs' requests to opt-in or opt-out of credit or insurance offers. is sponsored by the Direct Mail Association; it helps consumers cut down the amount of nonprofit or commercial mail they receive.

Surf's Up!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Laurie & Chelsea

Laurie & Chelsea are a mother and daughter family that share a special relationship that is both loving, casual, and lots of fun. I call Laurie my "Paul Mitchell" hair model because she has the most extraordinary head of hair. Chelsea on the other hand is a young girl with a personality that will consume you with her imagination, free spirit, and great sense of humor.

My initial session plan was to have the two of them frolicking in tall grass, but after they arrived to the studio in their new Mini Cooper I knew I had to incorporate the vehicle into the session. The day of the session the temperature was a little hot (90 degrees), so we quickly abandoned the grassy field idea and went to two other locations I had in mind for their portrait session. Laurie and Chelsea are the type of clients who make environmental family portraiture fun and I look forward to perhaps a separate session with each of them.

South Florida really doesn't have fields
that look like the mid-west,
but this tall grass
next to a railroad track worked just fine.

Chelsea can give you this fresh look then the
next moment the punk look in the images below.
This is not a Mini Cooper commercial,
but the car was a perfect prop.

Chelsea has an expression for any moment.
This shot was created on the front step
of an abandon house in Fort Lauderdale.

Laurie's hair is the main attraction in this image.
I didn't have to direct Chelsea to get great
portraits like this. She's a one-man show.

A pretty face and great hair makes for
good portraiture of a woman.

One of my favorite flattering poses for a woman.
The "dynamic duo."

The Griffins - Part II

The last time I featured the Griffins was on July 8th when I showed a few images from their family session that got rained out. We did rescheduled the session and everything went as planned and we got some excellent family portraits and children portrait studies.

Originally, Cindy wanted the session to center around their new son. Therefore, although I started the session with images of the family we ended up with Christopher at the beach. Cindy was truly excited about this part of the session because she wanted to see his reaction from being at the beach for the first time. It was a funny moment to say the least.

Now if there ever was a baby that could be a poster child for a Gerber advertisement Christopher is a great candidate...chubby legs and all. Look for future images of Christopher in an upcoming blog because he's scheduled for his 9 months portrait session this week.

Like son.
As a professional photographer it is such a pleasure
to photograph a couple's wedding then years
later their first born child.
Although Christopher is not fully walking on his own,
still he made his way down the boardwalk to the
beach with plenty of gusto.
Okay, Dad. Get your nose outta my business.
Wesley is one proud poppa.
Christopher's first encounter with beach sand.
Ummm. Should I play with it or eat it?
No. I think I'll just chew on one of my favorite toys.
Gee, a kid could spend all day at the
beach with this much fun.

Just what a baby needs for strolling on
the beach...strong chubby legs.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Inspirational Thought #1

Your ability unveils your destiny.

Max Lucado

Tara & Robert

I'm excited about showing you these images of Tara and Robert because they are truly a lovely couple. After attending the Florida Professional Photographers' Convention last week, I was extremely anxious to photograph their "Love Story" session. I'd seen so many amazing images at the print competition that inspired and energized me, so I was dying to photograph them.

Robert is the son of a friend of mine and Tara is his lovely fiance. I'll be covering their wedding in October and if the images below are a prelude to their wedding, we're going to have a blast. The transparency of their personalities and relationship is so obvious in these images and I know their parents and friends are going to love them.

Tara and Robert have the bluest
of eyes
that compliment their good looks.
Robert won the "Bun Squeezing" contest hands down.
I love photographing faces and Tara has a perfect one.
Do shadows really kiss?
This is my #1 pick from all the images.
Robert was told to try and kiss Tara. However,
he didn't know
that we told Tara not
to let him. You lose, Robert.
An ocean breeze coupled with a cool
lends to a romantic moment.

See you at the wedding, Tara and Robert.