Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cindy Rizzo

Cindy Rizzo is an accomplished vocalist and I was delighted when she contacted me to create some images of her in her home. I brought in my usual portable lighting equipment, but my best images of her was created by using some good ole fashion light bulb lighting.

While Cindy was changing clothing I was strolling around her living room trying to figure out where I was going to shoot the next set of portraits. Immediately I was captivated by the quality of light coming from a lamp on a table. So, I had Cindy to sit near the arm of a sofa, then I directed the lamp's light onto her face in a lighting pattern that is used for creating glamour portraits. Sometimes the simplest of lighting and background is all you need to create a stunning image of your subject.

Cindy laughed when I called her a Martha Stewart
look-alike, but she really likes this image.

This stunning image and the next two were
created from
a lamp on the table next to a sofa.

It was very overcast when we
this set of images, but
off-camera flash
worked wonders.

Thanks, Cindy, for a fun session that
shows off your glamorous side.


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