Friday, October 3, 2008

Stephani Gibbs

Stephani is the type girl that every dad wished he had as a fifteen year old daughter. She is an accomplished scholar, athlete, and all-round teenager with loads of talent and ambition. When her mom brought her into the studio to book her sweet 16 party in '09, she seemed a bit shy and reserved, but I could tell that we were going to be the best of friends.

2009 is some distance away and her mom thought it would be a great idea if we created some images of her in her gown. I jumped at the opportunity and suggested that we allow her to also wear some other fashion outfits of her choice. Well...a star is born!

I challenged Stephani's posing abilities at several different locations and she gave me every opportunity to create some unique images of her. Thanks, Stephani, and I bet your friends are going to LOVE your images.

Stephani is a track star, so this was an easy lap.
One thing Stephani doesn't lack...legs and attitude.Great portrait of Stephani.
Look out, Tyra!

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