Friday, October 24, 2008

From Make-up Artist to Model

One of the wonderful experiences I often have as a professional photographer is discovering someone who might be a great model in front of the camera. A lot of time it is not what the person is doing that draws my attention to them, rather what type images I envision I might be able to create.

During a recent maternity session Krystal Cordo came along as the make-up artist. Aside from her impeccable makeup skills I was captivated by her hair style. So, during my client's wardrobe change I coaxed Krystal into standing in front of the camera while I created a few images of her. Instantly, I knew she was model material. Check out the "quickie" images I took of her, and "yes" you can expect to see future images of Krystal in another blog.

Krystal Cordo
Make-up Artist/Consultant

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