Friday, October 10, 2008

Christopher Griffins

Christopher made his debut several blogs ago when he was 3 months old and was destined for a personal session when he turned 9 months. I had so much fun photographing him with his parents because he is such an adorable baby. Cindy picked out several outfits for Chris' session, and we created some great shots of him all dressed up. However, when we stripped him down to his "birthday suit", the antics and the laughter filled the studio. He was having a ball playing with the lace up against his skin.

I've discovered during my children sessions that they love to play without clothing restricting their movement and they become more animated.
Check out Chris' "fun time", especially the new "Children Collection" layout at the end of this blog. It's one of our newest products that we're offering in our children photography.
Check out the dental work.
I love capturing the impromptu antics of children.
Yummy tasting flower.
Bare bottom shots are always adorable.
We thought Christopher was checking out his plumbing,
but he was observing how water seeks its own level.

This is one of our new "Children Collection" layout.

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Such cute photos!!!