Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Tommy's Girl" [Kathy & Tom Salley]

This portrait session of Kathy & Tom Salley started out as a request for me to create a wall size family portrait for their home.  Here is the image that was chosen for the final enlargement.  However, that's not the end to the story.

The Salleys
 During that session I created an impromptu photograph of Tommy (ex-pro race car driver) lifting Kathy in his arms as a celebratory salute.  Immediately when I created this image something inside of me knew what was the essence of their relationship.  Kathy was the center of his world...she was a "Tommy Girl".

It was also at that moment I wished I could have a "one-on-one" portrait session with them because I knew I could capture some truly romantic images of them together.  Much to my surprise Kathy called me within a few days of viewing the family portraits and requested that I come again and photograph just the two of them.  It was a great decision and opportunity for the three of us because they had a wonderful time posing and I created some awesome images of their love relationship.  Amazingly, it all started with him holding up the biggest prize of his life...Kathy.

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