Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Griffins - Part II

The last time I featured the Griffins was on July 8th when I showed a few images from their family session that got rained out. We did rescheduled the session and everything went as planned and we got some excellent family portraits and children portrait studies.

Originally, Cindy wanted the session to center around their new son. Therefore, although I started the session with images of the family we ended up with Christopher at the beach. Cindy was truly excited about this part of the session because she wanted to see his reaction from being at the beach for the first time. It was a funny moment to say the least.

Now if there ever was a baby that could be a poster child for a Gerber advertisement Christopher is a great candidate...chubby legs and all. Look for future images of Christopher in an upcoming blog because he's scheduled for his 9 months portrait session this week.

Like son.
As a professional photographer it is such a pleasure
to photograph a couple's wedding then years
later their first born child.
Although Christopher is not fully walking on his own,
still he made his way down the boardwalk to the
beach with plenty of gusto.
Okay, Dad. Get your nose outta my business.
Wesley is one proud poppa.
Christopher's first encounter with beach sand.
Ummm. Should I play with it or eat it?
No. I think I'll just chew on one of my favorite toys.
Gee, a kid could spend all day at the
beach with this much fun.

Just what a baby needs for strolling on
the beach...strong chubby legs.

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rosie said...

He's got to be the cutest baby ever!