Sunday, September 21, 2008

Laurie & Chelsea

Laurie & Chelsea are a mother and daughter family that share a special relationship that is both loving, casual, and lots of fun. I call Laurie my "Paul Mitchell" hair model because she has the most extraordinary head of hair. Chelsea on the other hand is a young girl with a personality that will consume you with her imagination, free spirit, and great sense of humor.

My initial session plan was to have the two of them frolicking in tall grass, but after they arrived to the studio in their new Mini Cooper I knew I had to incorporate the vehicle into the session. The day of the session the temperature was a little hot (90 degrees), so we quickly abandoned the grassy field idea and went to two other locations I had in mind for their portrait session. Laurie and Chelsea are the type of clients who make environmental family portraiture fun and I look forward to perhaps a separate session with each of them.

South Florida really doesn't have fields
that look like the mid-west,
but this tall grass
next to a railroad track worked just fine.

Chelsea can give you this fresh look then the
next moment the punk look in the images below.
This is not a Mini Cooper commercial,
but the car was a perfect prop.

Chelsea has an expression for any moment.
This shot was created on the front step
of an abandon house in Fort Lauderdale.

Laurie's hair is the main attraction in this image.
I didn't have to direct Chelsea to get great
portraits like this. She's a one-man show.

A pretty face and great hair makes for
good portraiture of a woman.

One of my favorite flattering poses for a woman.
The "dynamic duo."

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