Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tara & Robert

I'm excited about showing you these images of Tara and Robert because they are truly a lovely couple. After attending the Florida Professional Photographers' Convention last week, I was extremely anxious to photograph their "Love Story" session. I'd seen so many amazing images at the print competition that inspired and energized me, so I was dying to photograph them.

Robert is the son of a friend of mine and Tara is his lovely fiance. I'll be covering their wedding in October and if the images below are a prelude to their wedding, we're going to have a blast. The transparency of their personalities and relationship is so obvious in these images and I know their parents and friends are going to love them.

Tara and Robert have the bluest
of eyes
that compliment their good looks.
Robert won the "Bun Squeezing" contest hands down.
I love photographing faces and Tara has a perfect one.
Do shadows really kiss?
This is my #1 pick from all the images.
Robert was told to try and kiss Tara. However,
he didn't know
that we told Tara not
to let him. You lose, Robert.
An ocean breeze coupled with a cool
lends to a romantic moment.

See you at the wedding, Tara and Robert.



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Willie and Dana for such great pictures! Rob and I loved them and we are really looking forward to the wedding pictures. Who knew we could look so good!!!

Karen said...

Awww... these were so cute! I personally know TAra and I'm so excited for her and Rob. You did an excellent job on the pictures! Can't wait to see the wedding pics!