Thursday, August 7, 2008

Latasha & Ron

Brides come in all kinds of personality flavors, but to meet Latasha Butts for the first time was like meeting the “sweetest woman you’ve ever known”. Quiet and very easy going are the first adjectives that come to mind when you have parted company with her. You get the feeling that nothing could upset Latasha. Nothing. After documenting uncounted weddings in my professional lifetime I knew her personality would carry her through the chaos of her wedding day.

It’s been said that the ideal couple is one who are opposites in likes but complementary in dislike. Well, Ron is that chemistry that makes the two of them an ideal couple. During their wedding day it was like a photographer’s dream while I photographed Latasha and her bridal party. Likewise, when we were creating the cake shots I had to compliment Ron on what a gentleman he was even after Latasha (accidentally) smashed cake in his face. He absolutely adores her. I guess I’m confessing how much I enjoyed capturing images of Latasha and Ron. So, I’ll just let some of the images I created on their wedding day speak for the wonderful time my daughter Dana and I had as their wedding photographers.


Latasha with a look of anticipation for Ron.
Girls having fun and showing off their stuff!
Latasha with the look of a queen.Miami Heat tryouts with EVERYONE making the team!
Ron was the perfect groom and gentleman of the day.

Trust me that this is not how the cake feeding ended...

However, the marriage was sealed with a kiss.

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