Friday, August 22, 2008

FPP Convention Bound

Well, it's that time again when Dana and I will be traveling to Orlando for the annual Florida Professional Photographers Convention from August 23-27th. This is a major event for us as professional photographers because we will enter a select number of our client images in hopes of receiving merits and awards. Our work will be measured against the creative skills of hundreds of professional photographers throughout the entire state. To get a glimpse of how amazing some of this work is visit this link:

This will be my third year entering competition and Dana's first. I've included below the images that Dana and I will be entering along with the names of those clients whose work we have selected. So, to make a long story short. Wish us luck and we'll let you know how well we did this time around.

"Kristin & Frederick Schlichte's" Wedding Album
"Fallen Patriot"
"Freedom Fighter" (Hank Hankerson)
Final Thoughts (Ron Jordan)
Butterfly Effect
"Old Super Bowl Champ" (Tyrone McCloud)
"Soul Sister" (Natasha Barr)
"Daydreaming" (LaRae Laws)
"Savanna" (Savanna Stapleton)
"Try Not To Forget Me" (Lucille "Abba" G. Lee)

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