Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meet Brooke

Brooke is a 17-year old teenager that was introduced to me by a friend who thought she might make a great model for some of my photography. Several months ago Brooke's friend came into the studio and talked with me about creating her daughter's portfolio, but she never contracted us for the session. Last week she came in again to reassure me that she still wanted me to photograph her daughter. However, in the meantime she knew of a friend who had a "cute" daughter...Brooke. She was so excited about connecting me and Brooke up for a photo shoot that she went home, picked her up, and brought her back to the studio for an interview.

I agreed that Brooke had a cute face and that I would photograph her as soon as I could. Well, today a fellow photographer asked me to come over to her home studio and help her set up her studio lighting system. So, I took Brooke along to add some realism to the project. What you see are some of the awesome images I created of Brooke in a 30-45 minute shoot we had on a very rainy day using strictly available light. Personally, I think Brooke and I make a great team!

Equipment: Canon 30D, 70-200mm IS lens, ISO 400, & gold reflector
Software: Adobe Lightroom 1.4 & Photoshop CS3


17-years old and cute!
The first two images were created
on the 2nd floor staircase.

Brooke has a face that begs to be photographed.
Tough pose, but Brooke handled it well.
Fantastic shot and I love it!

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Brooke W. said...

Thank you for leaving a blog about me! I really enjoyed taking pictures with a bunch of attention from three professional photographers; it was an interesting experience. I hope to have a whole lot more photo shoots to come. Also, for anyone considering an excellent photographer I would recommend Mr. Hill a 100%; his daughter and him together make you feel comfortable and like a queen/king. Lastly, it was oodles of fun working with everyone; I love my photos, and hope to work with Mr. Hill a bunch more for the future to come.