Monday, August 18, 2008

EDLs - Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN holds a special place in my heart because that's where I met my wife for the first time 38 years ago. So, to return there for a week long photographer's marketing convention was a treat. The convention was packed with great money-making ideas, but there was little free time. I still managed to get in a brief EDL walk downtown, and I got off a few of shots to remind me of how colorful the city is.

Memphis is an old city with a rich history.This shot was taken in the Cotton Museum
where I spent a lot of time viewing its history.

Time was also spent on a fast
moving trolley. So, whenever it stopped
that was the only time to get a clean shot.

Colors and texture...always eye-catching.
Old brick buildings were plentiful and is
something you don't see in South Florida.

These are actually huge parking posts
to prevent cars from entering a sports arena
ticket box office. Clever idea.
Americana at its best.
Juicy apples before getting a dip in candy.
This still life image was taken in a restaurant
at a

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