Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Best of Show"

This month was the final print competition for photographers who are members of the Professional Photographers Guild of Florida. This final competition was between our guild and our sister guild in Palm Beach. It's an annual print competition to compete for bragging rights in South Florida. Last year PPGF took home the gold, but not so this year as PPGPB (Professional Photographers Guild of Palm Beach) won hands down. The competition also helps to determine in December who are the "Top Ten Photographers" within our guild.

Each entrant is allowed to enter four images or albums with the hopes of scoring 80 or higher. Overall I personally did not do as well as I hoped, but once again one of my wedding albums took first place in that category. The true winner in the family came from my daughter Dana who entered the competition for the first time. She captured the "Best of Show" print for our local guild. Her image (titled "Final Thoughts") was in the Social Function category and was created of Ron Jordan during his wedding. Congratulations goes out to Dana and to Ron.

"Best of Show" by Dana
Client: Ron Jordan
1st Place album by Willie
Client: Kristin & Frederick Schliphte

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