Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pastor Corey & Selena

As a Christian photographer I enjoy the opportunity to create portraits for local clergymen. These men and their families are icons of our society that I hold up in dear respect because of their commitment and choice of avocation. It's a tremendous obligation that few are called to accept.

Even before Pastor Corey Williams came to the studio with his wife Selena I knew it was going to be a great relationship between the two of us. I just sensed that he had the kind of personality that draws you into wanting to be within his circle of influence. Then when he and Selana came in for their sitting, the entire session turned into a "fun-fest" of laughter and a great time together. Both are so compatible for each other, down to earth, and an encouragement. It was one of the easiest portrait sessions I've had to date.

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