Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aidan's First Portraits

When my clients contract me as their wedding photographer we do three things. 1) We welcome them into the Portrait Corner Studio family, 2) Instantly they are placed into our "Lifetime Clients" program which guarantees them free future portrait sessions, and 3) We start our "Four Phase Wedding Plan" with them.

I tell my couples that I don't just want to document their wedding day, but I want my services to cover these four major events in their relationship: Love Story (a.k.a. engagement session), Wedding, Maternity, and Family portraits. A number of my clients have gone through this plan, and Justine and Amed Avila (along with Aidan) are the latest family.

Meet Aidan. She's absolutely gorgeous. Actually, she made her debut on a previous blog during Justine's beach maternity session (click here to view) although she wasn't quite ready for her grand entrance. Well, here she is and this is Aidan's first portrait session. To maximize her session, Dana created the still images while I videotaped the session.

Congratulations, Justine & Amed. She's beautiful and I look forward to more portrait sessions with Aidan.

Aidan spent most of her first portrait session
but she still put on quite a posing show.
Aidan's grandparents.
Amed with his daughter.
Justine and Aidan.
Amed wearing his professional diaper changing gear.
To see a recap of the video session click on the "Play" button below.

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