Monday, August 3, 2009

Justine Avila's Maternity Session

Over the years my photographic odyssey with Justine & Amed Avila has been one incredible venture which leads to the present maternity session. I've photographed their engagement session, wedding, and baby shower (click here). It seems with each session our relationship explodes into fun and creativity that produces breathtaking imagery.

So, when it came time to photograph Justine's maternity session on the beach, she was excited and proved to be the perfect subject. Although Amed tagged along for a few shots, basically he told me he was just the "driver" and there for moral support (he barely got his feet wet, so I didn't include any embarrassing shots of him). I did learn something new about Justine, though. She loves the water!!! And, doesn't mind getting wet and dirty although she's do to deliver in a few weeks.

Thanks, Justine. I couldn't get these kind of shots if you were not such a carefree spirit and an awesome mother-to-be!! I'm looking forward to photographing Aidan when she arrives. Have a safe and easy delivery.

To view a slideshow of additional images click here.

Location: Dania Beach

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