Friday, August 14, 2009

Kalyn's Debut

She's tall, has a great face, and sports the most awesome eyes you could point a camera at. I've known Kalyn for many years as a young woman growing up in the church I attend. Aside from her great personality I've always admired her model-like qualities and thought she could have lots of success in that field. In addition, I felt if I ever had an opportunity to photograph her we could create some great images.

Well, the opportunity for that photo session happened recently when she was part of the bridal party of a friend's wedding and I asked her to model for me. So, here's Kalyn's Debut!

I was correct in my assumption. There's no doubt we make a great model/photographer team. As I look at this first set of images, I get the impression she has a little of Brook Shields' features but on a taller frame. Although we started off the session as sort of a fashion shoot, I just couldn't get away from those awesome eyes of her.

Great job, Kalyn. Looking forward to another great session.


This beautiful ironworks was found
on a side street in Dania Beach.
Kalyn has ALL the features of a Top 10 Model.

We next visited a location over by the
Ft. Lauderdale Airport for the following images.
Kalyn has stunning features.Kalyn's eyes will pull you in.
To view a video of this session, click here!

(Note: For best viewing of this HD video, click Play then Pause.
Wait until the video has had time to load to avoid buffering.
Then select Play again).

Location: Dania Beach
Location: Ft. Lauderdale Airport Parking

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aadis said...

Kalyn is absolutly beautiful.
This girl aught to be modeling forsure.
Nice Find,