Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Romance on Fire

Michelle Hartman is the fiance of one hot dude--James Cherry. Actually that statement is a play on words because in real life James is a professional firefighter. However, it's no joke about how "on fire" their romance for each other has set off a five bell alarm. Honestly, James cannot keep his hands off Michelle and he keeps her in hysterics with his jokes and comedian personality. Usually I have to supply the humor in order to liven up my engagement sessions, but not so with James on the set. He's a one man comedy show and the host all rolled into one.

The plan for their engagement session was to include images shot at the fire station. I was really excited about this opportunity because it was going to add a theme to the pictures that you don't see too often in
pre-wedding pictures. We would conclude the session on the beach, another favorite place of Michelle and James. The day of the shoot was rainy and a little bleak, however we continued with the session and got some "once-in-a-lifetime" images.

I compliment James on his professional career and service to the public. As a retired law enforcement
officer I understand the immense responsibility and obligation he has as a firefighter. Michelle and James, I' looking forward to displaying your wedding day portraits. Keep the flames of love burning brightly, Guys!!


James always loves a good laugh.Two hotties in red!
James practicing his rescue techniques, and
Michelle practicing her victim techniques.
Close-up of a real firefighter.James is still sweeping Michelle off her feet.

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