Friday, January 15, 2010

Top Ten Photographers Awards

Dana and Willie with their "Top Ten Photographers" trophies

As members of the Professional Photographers Guild of Florida (PPGF), each year Dana and I compete against some of the best professional photographers in South Florida. At the end of each year, ten photographers receive awards for their accomplishments. Members must excel in the quality of their photographic work which is judged during three print competitions. In addition, members must also accumulate service points in order to reach the "Top Ten Photographers" level.

I'm proud to announced that during the PPGF Annual Awards Banquet, Dana came in
2nd Place, Top Ten Photographer (Richard "Pappy" Hinman Award) and I came in 3rd Place, Top Ten Photographer (Marcel & Silvia Moino Award). We are honored to have achieved this level of competence among our peers and believe the awards confirm the quality of our studio work as offered to our clients.

As recipients of these awards we want to thank all of our clients who allowed us to use their images during print competition. We could not have accomplished these levels of excellence without you.

Finally, this year Dana and I have moved our membership to the Professional Photographers Guild of Palm Beach. We look forward to making new professional friends while competing against some of the best photographers in Florida. We'll keep you posted on successes throughout the year.

Willie & Dana

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