Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mimes on My Mind

Several weeks ago while photographing a Christmas Party for Airbus at the Mayfair Hotel in Miami, I ran into an amazing dancer in the person of Kamila Cardenas. She and members from her production company were working another party at the hotel. I was intrigued by her amazing outfit and her performers' costumes, so I asked Kamila if she would let me take a few quick shots of her. She agreed and after viewing the images online a few days later she wholeheartedly agreed to us working together on future projects.

Just this week I had my first chance to photograph Kamila in action as she teamed up a mentor of hers, Bianka Gonzales (also a professional dancer). With Bianka's permission I was allowed to videotape a recent performance Bianka was contracted to produce. Although 99% of the imagery is in video format, I did created the shots below by using my handycam in portrait orientation and by using the photo feature build into the camcorder. I hope you like the ingenious costumes and makeup like I do.

Kamila is simply in
ALL the time.
Carlos is striking in his outfit.
My favorite shot of Kamila
and Carlos. Great mimes!
Juan Carlos...the perfect mime.
Bianka in rare form. She's the
professional dancer.
Yeah, that's Bianka being stretched
to the max! No broke bones, either.
One of my favorite shot.
Thanks Bianka and Juan Carlos.

If you have an event and want to impress the attendees, either Bianka's or Kamila's production companies will dazzle and leave your guest speechless.


Bianka Gonzales: (954) 433-1969 or (305) 934-7134 cell
Kamila Cardenas: (305) 538-1689/

Camera: Sony HDR-FX7

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