Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rachel's & Adam's Love Story

Meeting Rachel Marcus at a bridal show earlier this year has been one incredible relationship that has grown deeper with the passing of each month. If there is such a thing as "bride and photographer falling in love with each other at first sight", well, we're it! Rachel is the most bubbly, exciting, and enthusiastic bride I've ever encountered. She's overjoyed about EVERYTHING!!!

To know Rachel is to know the most awesome young woman who is a nurse that doesn't let anything destroy her happiness for the day. To know Adam is to know a young man who is supportive, compassionate, and desirous of marrying Rachel. Adam is equally ambitious as he balances work while completing his Master's Degree. (I like this guy a lot).

So much of my photography is based on a similar enthusiasm whereas I balance my artistic talents in unison with the personalities of my clients. Nothing could be more from the truth when it came time to photographing Rachel and Adam. I have virtually been dying to create images of this couple. Both live in Jacksonville and finally I've gotten the chance to create my first set of images for them. It was a blast of a session, and both Dana and I created the romantic images you see below.
If I had to vote on an upcoming "Couple of The Year", Rachel and Adam, you're IT!



Dana's idea of using a sheer
fabric on the beach was a big hit.
I love the gentle romance between
Rachel & Adam in this shot.

"Romance by moonlight"

To view the entire session, click on
the Play icon below:

Makeup: Krystal Cordo, 954-822-9508 Cell
Location: Ft. Lauderdale Airport & Hollywood Beach


Anonymous said...

Thank You Willie & Dana for making our Love Story Session so unforgettable! We had a great time with you both & we look forward to seeing you again at the wedding! We love you guys! ~Adam & Rachel~

Willie L Hill, Jr. CPP said...

Hurry up, January 2010!!! We can't WAIT!!!!

Willie & Dana

Curtis Copeland said...

Great engagement session. Good posing and use of light. Nice work. Thanks for sharing!