Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leteshia Riddick

This session of Leteshia Riddick comes by way of my makeup artist Krystal Cordo. Krystal is currently working on expanding her marketing area for makeup services. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be creating head shots of her work as she uses different models to feature her talents.

Leteshia is the first model on Krystal's list of persons she intend to use as beauty models. I've never photographed Leteshia before, but it was a pleasure working with her for the first time. She is great in front of the camera, has features that really show off Krystal's handy work, and seemed to enjoy all the attention. I look forward to another session with Leteshia were we can create some personal images of her that are just as impressive as the following portraits.

To view the entire session, click on Play below.

Makeup Artist: Krystal Cordo

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