Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kendra's & Clive's Wedding

It's been a little more than a week ago that I photographed Kendra's and Clive's "Love Story" session, and now you get to see some of their wedding images. There were tons of images to choose from and like most times when I'm selecting images for my blog it's a little difficult. This time it was even more difficult because I'm still building my relationship with the couple after only knowing them approximately two weeks.

Nonetheless, I was truly excited about being at their wedding because I knew it was going to be unique and a warm gathering of family and friends. Both Kendra and Clive are such "opened arms" people and they simply invite you into their lives. The images below are just a quick glance at their wedding day, but the slideshow at the bottom will give you the best feeling for what happened.


Brandy provided all the antics and fun for me. Girls having fun in the hotel room before the ceremony.
Kendra couldn't hold back her tears of joy.
Kendra was one hot looking bride that day.
Clive and his posse.
Clive's groomsmen gave him
a big send off to his honeymoon.

Embassy Suites (Fort Lauderdale) provided
a gorgeous
reception ambiance
for Kendra's and Clive's guests.

A bird's-eye view of the cake from the
top. One of my
unique ways of documenting
the cake a little differently.

To see a slideshow of Kendra's wedding click the Play button below.

Location: Embassy Suites Kim Evans (954-315-1310)
Cake: Edible Creations (954-433-3445)
Florist: Yvonne Rella (954-457-1999)
DJ & MC: Elegant Affairs Justin Scott (954-458-0229)
Video: Danny Sien (954-295-8408)

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